Kiln time, Clay and Tools

Here at Spire Pottery we mainly use a buff stoneware clay which is great for throwing and general all round use. If you have made some extra pieces during your course or club session and need them firing you can pay per item to add them to either a bisque or glaze firing.


School buff 2Kg = £2.50

School buff 12.5Kg =£10

Once purchased we will not be able to store on site so you may need to take away with you.

Extra bisque items

Any extra item from a course or club session can be bisque fired at 50p per item (no bigger than 10″ x 10″)

Cost of items larger than 10″ x 10″ will be agreed on an item by item basis

Extra glaze items

Any extra item from a course or club session can be glaze fired at the following extra cost.


50p per item (no bigger than 6″x6″)

£1.50 per item ( no bigger than 8″x8″)

£3.50 per item (no bigger than 10″x10″)

Throwing tools

We also have a range of basic throwing tools available like sponge on a stick, throwing sticks and cut off wire etc. please ask for details on these.

Other precautions may need to be taken especially if clay or glaze from out side our pottery is used, this is to protect the kiln. Sacrificial bisque coasters or dishes will need to be used and will be charged at 50p each. Spire Pottery also reserve the right to refuse to fire any items they fell may result in damage to the kiln.